Take a tranquil and scenic drive down the West Coast to Anse la Raye about 20 Kilometers (approximately 30 minutes) from the Island’s Capital. A quaint community on the west coast nestled in the bosoms of lush green mountains.

Upon arrival, navigating through the village, there is evidence of 18th and 19th Century architecture amongst the more contemporary designs all lined up on opposite sides of the streets. The different designs and colors, add artistic character to the aesthetics of the community

The bayside is adorned with artistically colored boats that decorate the seashore while others bobble in the gentle caress of the Caribbean sea. Marine life fills its sparkling clear waters as they frolic about on their daily meanderings. Hanging fishing nets and fish pots provide a rustic accent to otherwise pristine scenery.

A “quaint fishing village” as it has been known over the years; one cannot neglect the importance of the sea in the history of this community. After all, the name Anse la Raye, in essence, comes from the sea; meaning “Bay of Rays”. Early settlers, specifically French Colonialists, found an overwhelming population of sting rays in the bay upon arrival. However, this seemingly “ancient” description does not do justice to the dynamics of the place and its people

A walk or drive further inland reveals lush forests with thriving flora and fauna and flowing rivers. Immerse yourself in mystical waterfalls or Hike through estates where structures still stand that represent relics of the days when sugar was king and slaves were the labor force. Take a walk through the gardens of the “La Sikwi” Sugar Mill Plantation which includes a museum, theater and 40-foot waterwheel.

The residents of Anse la Raye are friendly, warm welcoming people who are blessed with a rich cultural heritage. The community has been well represented and renowned locally, regionally and internationally for producing some avid musicians/creative artists, and athletes. One of the Saint Lucia’s esteemed cultural activists and musicians Petronilla Deterville, hailed from Anse la Raye. Although now deceased, she continues to be honored through posthumous awards and acclamations for her contribution to the Music Industry and Music Education in Saint Lucia.

If your itinerary permits, take in some Anse la Raye nightlife, especially on a Friday night when the village comes alive with its “Seafood Friday” fish fry event. Sample some delicious seafood prepared Caribbean style; enjoy music and entertainment on the bay front till wee hours of the morning.

Nature welcomes you with its beauty the people welcome you with smiles and warmth. Welcome to Anse la Raye; Escape with us.